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Wij maken je werkdag het meest comfortabel met onze Python Fresh Werkschoenen. 





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The benefits

Certified: S1P, S3 and SRC

By law, safety shoes must be inspected to meet the applicable safety standard. Our shoes are certified by Cimac.

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Python Fresh likes to participate in sustainability, a better environment and nature: of every order, we donate 1% of the total purchase amount to State Forestry Administration.

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The German company INSIDE CLIMATE GmbH conducted a test commissioned by Dineg B.V. (producer of the Python Fresh) and Inuteq B.V. (developer of the patented DRY Coolingtongue) to demonstrate the operation and effect of the Python Fresh with DRY Coolingtongue. Read the test report.

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De werkschoen waar je 12 maanden zonder geurtjes op kunt bouwen!

Python work shoes are designed and made to make your working conditions better. That's why we have our own 6+6 circular product guarantee. Here, we strive to ensure high quality and longevity of your work shoes. Or as we bless it: the shoe you can build on for 12 months!

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Hoe het werkt ! 

We can tell you all about them: the technology, the function and the comfort, but ultimately it's about choosing a shoe that fits you.

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Werksokken met coolmax van Fresh

Merely reducing perspiration in your work shoes probably won't get you through the workday completely fresh. We have a number of complementary products that will ensure a more pleasant work day.

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Onze werkschoenen werken bewezen tegen transpiratie en dat kun je thuis gratis testen! 

Met de gepatenteerde koelingtong van Inuteq werkt de werkschoen bewezen tegen transpiratie van je voeten. Deze tong geeft koeling op de wreef die tot 15⁰ C lager is dan de buitentemperatuur. Je hoeft ons niet op ons woord te geloven. Wil je weten hoe het werkt?

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