Python Fresh

For use and explanation of Python Fresh safety shoes, please refer to the detailed instructions for use.

We fully understand that you may have doubts about the comfort of the shoes and the operation of the tongue. Comfort is always personal and activating the cooling is an extra action that you have to do from time to time.

To remove doubt, we have the 14-day return service. Within that period, you can test the shoes and experience if it is something for you.

You can then do the following:

  • Order the shoes you want and choose the right size (see the size chart).
  • After receiving the shoes, try them on and test their comfort (note: indoors only!).
  • If the comfort and size are right, fill the tongue with 20ml of water using the syringe provided in the shoe box.
  • After 15 minutes, check the functioning of the tongue by putting your hand inside the shoe and pressing your hand against the tongue. Note: Do not put your hand on the top of the tongue because the tongue will no longer work!
  • If you feel the cooling of the tongue and find the shoes comfortable, then we wish you enjoy them.
  • If you are still not satisfied, please consult our customer service to find out if tongue of the shoe might not be properly padded.
  • If the shoes are not for you after all, you can return them within 14 days. Check the site to see what you have to do to do that.

After filling the tongue, the cooling works for 1 - 3 days. The filling itself takes about 3 minutes.

Here we assume that you also activate the shoes during the cold months of the year. Which is not necessary for everyone.

Comparing this to the hours you work comes to a percentage of: 8 hours / 8,000 hours = 0.1% of your daily activity.

Of course it takes time, but then you will have healthier feet!

Of course, it is easy to say that Python Fresh shoes cool your feet, but that is precisely why we chose to have this tested by an independent consulting firm(www.inside-climate.com) in Germany. The conclusion of this test is that the tongue cools the instep to 15 degrees C compared to the outside temperature and the temperature inside your shoes decreases to 2.9 degrees C. Look here to the test results.

Python Fresh shoes are designed for those who want to do something about hot feet and are thrifty about their work shoes that need to be worked on all week.

Among others, these shoes are very suitable for the following industries: painters, logistics, construction, transport electrical engineering, installation engineering.

The shoes are not intended for the following industries: welding industry, heavy industry, offshore and production plants with high humidity.

If you are unsure if the shoes are suitable for your industry, ask our customer service team for advice.

Perhaps you suffer from an unpleasant odor of sweaty feet. It is caused by bacteria that feel at home in a moist and warm environment and multiply there. Without sweaty feet, the bacteria have a hard time reproducing. The sweat itself is odorless, but the bacteria break down the sweat into unpleasant-smelling waste products. Less perspiration = less bacteria = less smell.

Remember that cooling on the instep is a sensation and that sensation can be different for everyone. The cooling of the tongue can be compared to a cold pool. When you jump in the 1st time it feels cold. If you sit in the pool for a while then you no longer feel the cold. The temperature of the foot will adjust to the lowered temperature of the tongue, so after a certain period of time you will no longer feel the cooling (BUT THE OPERATION WILL CONTINUE!).

Yes, the tongue works even in low temperatures. So you can use the shoes all year round.

No you don't have to. You decide which days you want to use the cooling of the tongue. After 1 to 3 days the water from the tongue has evaporated and you can choose to refill the tongue. So you can use the tongue in certain months of the year and in the colder months it may not be necessary for you.

No, you can use these shoes year-round. You may well experience perspiration in lower temperatures as well.

You decide when to use the tongue and at what temperature.

A 20 ml syringe is included with the order.

  1. Fill the syringe with water;
  2. Open the blue cap on the tongue;
  3. Gently squirt the water into the tongue;
  4. Spread the water over the tongue with your hand;
  5. Check if it works by feeling the inside of the shoe with your hand.

Note: do not put your hand on the top of the tongue, as it will not work because no air circulation can take place!

This is a memory foam insole: made of soft material that adapts to the shape of your foot throughout the day. This is ideal because it therefore provides support in all the necessary places under your foot, but still feels soft.

It is a cambrella inner lining: an advantageous feature of this material is that it absorbs moisture, is breathable and absorbs odor. This high-quality lining has a positive effect on foot perspiration.

The sole is made of PU/TPU rubber. Benefits include:

  • high resistance to abrasion;
  • high resistance to traction and tearing;
  • excellent damping;
  • very good flexibility at lower temperatures;
  • high slip resistance to oil and grease.

The company Inuteq(https://inuteq.com/) specializes in body cooling. They have different types of cooling techniques for people with intensive occupations and for elite athletes. Through the cooperation with Inuteq, we may use their technique and have been able to develop the Python Fresh shoes with the cooling tongue. This tongue provides proven cooling up to 15° C / 59° F relative to the outside temperature and a reduction up to 2.9° C / 37° F of the climate temperature inside the shoe.


No, the tongue is made of synthetic material so it is waterproof on the inside. Because of this, your feet will not get wet. The water contained in the tongue evaporates in 1 - 3 days. This evaporation is because the material at the top of the tongue is made of breathable material. This allows the water to evaporate. If you do get wet feet, you probably spilled water or the cap of the tongue is still open.

Perspiration is a natural process and is good for your health. This cannot be stopped because:

  1. the body needs to drain moisture when it gets warmer;
  2. the body's temperature rises by moving.

Because this is where the blood vessels run, the skin is thinnest and the cooling is closest to the nerves. Therefore, make sure the tongue sits properly straight on your instep and does not double up; this ensures optimal coverage of the entire instep.

It works after filling with water by syringe for up to 72 hours. The cooling works best with:

  1. a temperature below 40° C / 104° F;
  2. humidity in low to medium humidity conditions;
  3. breathable garments.
  1. By placing the back of your hand on the inside of the water-filled tongue.

While doing this, be careful not to put the other hand on the tongue; that takes away circulation, causing the tongue to stop cooling!

  1. Taking your foot out of the shoe for a moment and pressing against the tongue again.
  1. Drain excess water from the tongue.
  2. Divide the 20 ml of water well over the tongue by rubbing it downward.
  3. Do not press your finger on the inside of the tongue against the cap; this will prevent the water from entering the tongue.
  1. Do not use the shoe (and therefore the tongue) as a lifting tool.
  2. Do not kick pallets or other hard materials.
  3. Flatten the tongue well across the instep so that the tongue is not folded double under the laces.

It is made of synthetic material (antibacterial, lightweight, non-toxic and durable) and remains 100% dry inside and out. This means that the tongue cannot absorb perspiration.

No that's not a bad thing, this is even better for your shoes and it will keep them fresher longer.

It does not mean that the tongue is leaky. Because the tongue is made of synthetic material, it does not absorb perspiration. Because of this, you may see condensation. We recommend the following:

  1. Wear socks that contain CoolMax® (a technical material that makes socks breathable). This material ensures that you will have warmer feet when it is cold and that feet will actually stay cooler when they get hot. Combine Python Fresh shoes with Python Fresh socks for optimal results.
  2. Wear clean socks every day.
  3. Clean the tongue occasionally with a damp cloth.
  1. Wear socks without seams but with Coolmax and Cordura and change them daily.
  2. Take good care of your feet, cut your nails regularly.
  3. Polish leather shoes once a month and be alert for wear on the soles/heels.
  4. Spray your shoes (excluding the tongue) regularly with a protective spray.
  5. Let the shoes air out in due time.
  6. If necessary, use a shoe dryer (see our webshop).
  1. Fully loosen the clasp of your shoes.
  2. Use a shoehorn when boarding.
  3. Put your foot as far in the back of the shoe as possible and close the shoe so that your foot will not slide.
  4. Do not pull too hard on the tongue when putting on or taking off the shoe.
  5. Do not remove the shoes with the foot, this is to prevent damage to the inner lining.
  1. Your shoes may feel a bit stiff and rigid at first, because all the materials are still new and the shoes are fully lined.
  2. The shoes still need to take the shape of your feet.
  3. Pressure sores may occur. It is very important to take time to get used to your new shoes. After each wearing period, it is important to check your feet carefully for pressure spots.

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Security class

The S is the abbreviation for "safety" and implies that these shoes should comply with the standard of Safety Shoes. The standard for this is EN-ISO (20)345. Among other things, it prescribes that shoes must have a toecap that protects against mechanical damage to the forefoot. This means that an impact of 200J should not cause any damage to the forefoot. Within this standard there are different categories, which are briefly explained below.

SB: safety shoes for professional use with a protective toe cap tested to an impact of 200J.

S1: similar to SB, antistatic properties, energy absorbing heel, closed heel, oil-resistant non-slip sole.

S1P: equivalent to S1, penetration protection 1100N.

S3: similar to S1P, treaded sole, waterproof for a minimum of 60 minutes.