The 6+6 warranty plan for Python work shoes

Our Python work shoes stand for reliability, comfort and safety. In addition, we want to contribute to a circular future. To realize this, we have chosen to extend our 6-month warranty by another 6 months. This gives you a one-year warranty on Python work shoes. Moreover, after 6 months, the work shoes retain a residual value that can be used when purchasing a new pair of Python work shoes!

What is the warranty on the shoes

  1. Legal warranty from 1 to 6 months.
  2. Circular warranty from 6 to 12 months.

We are not liable for the consequences of improper use of the shoes!

How is the circular guarantee calculated

The circular warranty is based on the depreciation of your shoe and expressed as a percentage. The percentage is the number of months you have worn the shoes divided by the minimum lifespan of 12 months. The longer you walk on the shoes, the greater the depreciation and the less the shoes are still worth.

Legal warranty up to 6 months from date of purchase:

  • The1st month 100%*
  • The2nd month 100%*
  • The3rd month 100%*
  • The4th month 74%*
  • The5th month 66%*
  • The 6th month 58%*

Circular warranty 6 to 12 months from date of purchase:

  • The 7th month 50%*
  • The 8th month 42%*
  • The 9th month 33%*
  • The 10th month 25%*
  • The 11th month 17%*
  • The 12th month 8%*

*Compensation based on product defects and not user defects.

Eligible for our warranty. If so, please proceed as follows:

  1. Send an email to
  2. In the email, put a description of the complaint and three clear pictures of the complaint, your phone number and include the proof of purchase.
  3. You will receive an offer for a new pair based on the above warranty.
  4. Since this is a 6+6 circular guarantee plan, it is mandatory to send the complaint pair to: Python Fresh, Amstelkade 6, 3652 MD Woerdense Verlaat. Transportation is at your own expense.

Why we do this:

We believe in the quality of our shoes and we want to contribute to a circular future. Raw materials are recovered from the components from dismantled shoes using existing and new recycling techniques. These raw materials are used to make new products again, including work and safety shoes.

Where can I find more about collecting the shoes?

On the website:

Legal warranty:

  1. Legal warranty means that you are always entitled to a good product. If a product fails due to a product defect, you are entitled to free repair, a new product or a refund of your money. There is no legal warranty period in the Netherlands. This is because some products last longer than others. Is the problem with the product your fault? Then you are not entitled to free repair, a new product or a refund of your money. Did you use the product normally but it just wore out? Then you are not entitled to free repair either.
  2. What is a good product:

You should be able to use a product for a certain amount of time without problems. How long a product should last depends on what it is. For example, a washing machine has a longer lifespan than a pair of work shoes.     

  1. When is a product no good:
  • If it is not complete;
  • If it is damaged at the onset;
  • If it is broken at the outset or does not perform well.
  1. Burden of proof in case of defective product:

If something is wrong with your purchase within 6 months of purchase, the seller must prove that it is your fault. For example, by proving that you did not use the product properly.

If the product breaks down after 6 months or more. Then it is up to you to prove that this is not your fault and that it is due to the product.

  1. Python guarantees that the safety shoes meet the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of soundness and / or usability and the existing legal provisions and / or government regulations on the date of the conclusion of the agreement. The shoes are suitable for normal use.
  2. The warranty provided by Python does not affect the legal rights and claims that the consumer under the agreement may assert against Python.
  3. Any defective or incorrectly delivered safety shoes should be returned to Python within 7 days of delivery. Return of the shoes should be in the original packaging and in new condition.
  4. The warranty period of Python corresponds to the manufacturer's warranty period. However, Python is never responsible for the ultimate suitability of the products for each individual application by the consumer, nor for any advice regarding the use or application of the products.
  5. The warranty does not apply if:
  6. The consumer has repaired and/or modified the delivered products himself or had them repaired and/or modified by a third party;
  7. The delivered products are exposed to abnormal conditions or otherwise carelessly treated or contrary to the instructions of the entrepreneur and / or on the packaging have been treated;
  8. The inadequacy results in whole or in part from regulations that the government has made or will make regarding the nature or quality of the materials used.


Ordering the correct size:

  • Order the shoes you want and choose the right size (see the size chart on this site).
  • After receiving the shoes, try them on and test their comfort (note: indoors only!).


For the Python Fresh models, test the cooling:

  • If the comfort and size are right, fill the tongue with 20 ml of water using the syringe provided in the shoebox.
  • After 15 minutes, check the functioning of the tongue by putting your hand inside the shoe and pressing it against the tongue. Note: Do not put your hand on the top of the tongue because then the cooling will not work!
  • If you feel the cooling of the tongue and find the shoes comfortable, then we wish you lots of fun with them!
  • Keep in mind that the cooling on the instep is a feeling and it can be different for everyone. It's like a cold pool you jump into for the first time: first it's cold and later you get used to it and don't feel the cold anymore. It is the same here: the temperature of the foot will adjust to the reduced temperature of the tongue so you may not feel the cooling anymore, but the effect is still there!
  • If you are still not satisfied during testing, first consult our customer service team tofind out if you may not have padded the tongue of the shoe properly.
  • If the shoes are not for you, you can return them within 14 days. Check the sitewhat todo to do that.

Enjoy the shoes, our service and the 6+6 circular guarantee!

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