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Sweating and cooling

Inside the Python Fresh work shoes is a tongue made of Inuteq. This tongue provides cooling on the instep that is up to 15⁰ C lower than the outside temperature. The tongue has been proven to reduce perspiration and is antibacterial. The syringe you use to fill the tongue with water comes free with the shoes. The cooling tongue is attached inside the shoe in such a way that no dirt can enter the shoe.

Because the water in the tongue evaporates, the cooling will last up to 3 days. In our experience, at some point you will feel your feet getting warmer. When this happens simply refill the tongue with tap water and your shoe will cool your feet again!

We therefore have our 1,2,3 rule

1 action = grab water and fill syringe
2 minutes = fill tongue
3 days = keep your cooling on your instep


How can you stop or reduce perspiration?

You can find more information about it on the home doctor's site https://www.thuisarts.nl/zweten-overmatig/ik-zweet-veel.

To still work comfortably, freshly and safely, all our products provide moisture regulation, thermoregulation, reducing perspiration and preventing heat stress. To the webshop.

Where do we perspire?

Most people worry about armpit sweat, but it only constitutes 1% of our body perspiration.

We perspire from two types of glands:

  • Eccrine glands: these are located all over our body and serve mainly for cooling. These glands cause perspiration on our face and head and are responsible for perspiring hands and feet.
  • Apocrine glands: these larger glands are mainly located in our armpits and work mainly when we are actively engaged or experiencing strong emotions such as stress.

Women have more eccrine glands than men, but men's eccrine glands are more active, so men generally sweat more and have more hot flashes.

Other factors such as hot or spicy foods, clothing made of synthetic materials and excess body weight can cause us to perspire more. Usually our bodies adapt by producing more perspiration when we really need it.

Some people sweat excessively or suffer from hot flashes, both during the day and at night. Of those who suffer from excessive sweating, only 1% actually have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis.

What is excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating occurs when you perspire without cause due to heat or physical activity. This can greatly affect your daily life and how you feel. But there are ways to address excessive perspiration.
If you are concerned that you are sweating too much, discuss it with your doctor or a professional medical advisor.

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